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Annual Reports

File Description File Size
Annual Report 2014-15 PDF icon 2MB
Annual Report 2015-16 PDF icon 2MB
Annual Report 2016-17 PDF icon 2MB
Annual Report 2017-18 PDF icon 2MB
Annual Report 2018-19 PDF icon 2MB
Annual Report 2019-20 PDF icon 2MB

Staffing Documents

File Description File Size
Equal Opportunities PDF icon 418KB
Health & Safety at Work PDF icon 407KB
Disciplinary Procedures PDF icon 2MB
Grievance Procedures PDF icon 707KB
Staff Training & Development PDF icon 511KB
Trade Union Membership PDF icon 214KB
Code of Conduct for Staff PDF icon 808KB
Pensions Scheme PDF icon 49KB


File Description File Size
Equal Opportunities Policy Microsoft Word icon 46KB
Model Rules PDF icon 17MB
Trafalgar Rules Revised 29 June 2020 PDF icon 425KB
Freedom of Information Policy PDF icon 381KB
Environmental Information Regulations Policy PDF icon 366KB
Adaptations Policy PDF icon 310KB
Allocation Policy PDF icon 250KB
Arrears Management Policy PDF icon 133KB
Code of Governance PDF icon 318KB
Committee Member Expenses PDF icon 74KB
Data Protection Policy PDF icon 130KB
Estate Management Policy PDF icon 85KB
Maintenance Policy PDF icon 488KB
Membership Policy PDF icon 69KB
Model Entitlements, Payments & Benefits Policy PDF icon 203KB
Procurement Policy PDF icon 435KB
Risk Management Policy PDF icon 116KB
Standing Orders PDF icon 81KB
Tenant Participation Policy PDF icon 139KB


File Description File Size
Winter 2017 Newsletter PDF icon 3MB
Newsletter Summer 2018 PDF icon 5MB
Newsletter Winter 2018 PDF icon 3MB
Winter 2020 Newsletter PDF icon 3MB
Newsletter Summer 2021 PDF icon 67MB

Committee Meeting Minutes

Scottish Housing Regulator Returns

File Description File Size
Financial Projections and Assumptions 2019 PDF icon 195KB
Financial Statements 2019 PDF icon 4MB
Engagement Plan PDF icon 279KB
Assurance Statement PDF icon 330KB
Loan Portfolio PDF icon 119KB
Scottish Housing Regulator Engagement Plan 2021 PDF icon 406KB
Assurance Statement November 2020 PDF icon 275KB


File Description File Size
List of Approved Contractors for 2020-2021/22 PDF icon 102KB

AGM Forms

File Description File Size
Board Member Application Form Microsoft Word icon 297KB
Note of Apology Microsoft Word icon 197KB
Proxy and Revocation Form Microsoft Word icon 198KB
Nomination for Election Form Microsoft Word icon 210KB

AGM 2020