Management Committee

Trafalgar's Management Committee has the important responsibility of directing and controlling the affairs of the Association.  As a registered landlord and a Scottish Charity, it is essential that the Association has people with the right skills, knowledge, objectivity and experience to carry out this role.  They make all the important decisions relating to the Association, and employ the staff to act on these decisions and carry out the day-to-day running of the Association.

Our Management Committee is currently made up of the following 8 members as at 20th November 2023.

Committee Member Position Date of Joining Committee
Willie Croft Chairperson 04/03/2020
Diane Hendry Vice Chairperson 01/07/2020
Nicola Lyden Secretary 01/11/2017
Bernadette Swindon Full Member 25/11/2015
Gerard Doherty Full Member 31/08/2022
Graham Dunlop Full Member 28/07/2021
Michael McAllister Full Member 31/08/2022
Jean Martin Full Member 01/03/2023