COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update  

As you will all be aware, there continues to be a great deal of concern around the Covid-19 pandemic and the Scottish Government has recently announced that it will be reviewing the situation on a daily basis going forward.  This comes amid concerns from government and health officials about the new Omicron variant of Covid-19 and the fact that the number of cases of this in Scotland has increased sharply.  Recent developments emphasise just how unpredictable the situation is and that things can change very quickly and this reinforces the importance of keeping the position under constant review and taking decisive and swift action at the appropriate time.      


The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has reiterated key messages over recent weeks including emphasising the importance of people getting vaccinated and everyone fully complying with Covid-19 related rules and protocols to mitigate the health risk and reduce the likelihood of the spread of the virus.  They have reinforced the need for us all to make sure don’t get complacent and let our standards slip and for employers to ensure that staff are supported to work from home where they can.  There is also an emphasis on people self-testing, using lateral flow tests, when meeting with people from other households.  It is clear that the Scottish Government are taking a careful, cautious approach until more is known about this new Omicron variant of the virus over the coming weeks. 


At Trafalgar Housing Association the health, safety and wellbeing of our tenants and residents, and our Committee and staff remains a top priority.  We fully endorse the Scottish Government’s approach, safety first and caution remain paramount and we can confirm that there will be no change to our current approach and to our plans at this time.  We will continue to support staff to work from home and importantly we will keep the situation under constant review.   We aim to open our office when it is safe to do so and at that time we will implement appropriate health and safety measures for both staff and visitors.  The timescale for this is dependent on there being no new restrictions imposed and the Scottish Government guidelines at the time.  We will share our plans with our tenants and other customers via our website, newsletter and social media channels. In the meantime, please visit our website for the most up-to-date information regarding the services we can provide, or email us at or call us on 0141 952 4676.


Please be assured that we will continue to be guided by the UK and Scottish Government and we will keep you all fully informed of any changes to our Covid related working practices, procedures or plans. We trust that this message keeps you up to date and informed at this challenging time.




Paul McShane