Shortage of Materials for Repairs and Maintenance Work

A severe global supply chain disruption is resulting in difficulties in sourcing materials for repairs and maintenance work, with the shortages expected to continue until the end of the year.

If you are due an upgrade or repair to your home, it is possible the work may be delayed due to supply chain issues which are outside the control of housing associations and co-operatives.

Landlords are finding many building materials - which are usually readily available - are in short supply, or in some cases not available at all. Costs are also increasing significantly on products which are available.

The shortages are due to a number of factors. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect manufacturing output due to reduced staffing and social distancing requirements in countries around the world. This in turn leads to an increase in manufacturing times.

There are also supply chain bottlenecks being caused by a sharp rise in construction demand which began during the pandemic with many people choosing to upgrade their homes and gardens.

In addition, there remains delays at UK ports due to increased paperwork as a result of the UK and EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement after Brexit. This is causing delays to the import of a large number of materials.

Landlords and their contractors are in regular contact in efforts to monitor availability and secure supplies. However, it is expected the disruption will continue for some time so it remains possible that repairs and maintenance works will be delayed.

Every effort is being made to limit disruption and landlords are grateful for your patience during this time. The Scottish Government is working closely with the construction sector on potential solutions to ease the issues being faced across the country in accessing materials.

Tenants should continue to report repairs to their landlords in the usual way.